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Our company Star Award House successfully established since 1990 and enjoys a great body of clientele. We are to the manufacturers of trophies, momento as well as medals. We make the Wooden, Metal Trophies, Acrylic trophies and medals of all kinds. Be it wooden, acrylic or fiber trophy – we are comfortable with making the trophies and medals very efficiently. Out clients come from across the Delhi,NCR and India. We’re gradually expanding our horizons to the overall expanse of India.

Big companies, corporate sectors , Institute as well as colleges are our clients Delhi Schools. Govt Sectors They place regular orders with us and have always been satisfied with the kind of services that we hand been providing. The customers’ satisfaction and happiness are our primary concerns and we never shy away from the idea of working hard in order to meet their requirements.

Be it acrylic, wooden or brass trophy, we are comfortable in making all kinds of trophies as well as medals since 1990. Though we give the best services in the market, we do not have irrational prices. We have competitive prizes. None of our customers so far have ever complained about our products. Our products are made of excellent quality and are pretty durable. Our company promises to keep your preferences as its priority and is always willing to work on the feedbacks shared by the clients. Consistency, honesty and integrity are the main ethics that we, as a company, abide to and we sincerely promise to stick to the supreme quality and fair price for the excellent services in the industry of medals, momento and trophies.

Benefits to have it from manufacturer rather than a trader:-

1. Standard Superior quality in every order: When you prefer to order the products from the manufacturers from Star Award House Company, you can always be sure about the quality of the products that are being sent to you. The manufacturers can always be contacted in order to ensure that you get the desired products. Moreover, they are always available for making any kind of changes or modifications. The products ordered to manufacturers hence are of great quality and always mange to impress the customers and clients alike.

2. Competitive Price: Manufacturers from Star Award House Mfg CO. Trophy Company always offers you great products in pocket friendly price. One can always compare the prices from different sources and can finalize the deal with the manufacturer who meets their requirement well. All the clients and customers feel inclined to have their items purchased from manufacturers directly as there is transparency in the deals and no corruptive elements can enter and add to the original and genuine price of the products.

3. Great Savings: In case of manufacturers, there is no middleman involved. So, the customers tend to save a lot of money. There is assurance of great quality and all the clients and the customers have to pay is the price of the making of the item to the Sai Trophy Company. No third party gets any advantage unlike in the cases where traders are involved.

4. No Faults in the Items and Products: Since the manufacturers from our Trophy Company make the products themselves, they ensure that no faulty product reaches the client. All the clients’ requirements are met and there is no dissatisfaction on the part of customers.

5. Repair and Incentives ensured: Unlike in the trading business, the Star Award House Mfg Company’s manufacturers also take accountability of nay mistake on their part and always provide great deals , offers as well as discounts to the customers in bulk orders.